Terracomunica is a project created in 2004 that aims to put the territories and the people who live there at the center. We strongly believe that sustainability is a broad value, and that sustainability passes first through people rather than products. To become aware of the Earth and the territories to communicate them to others: this is the basic idea of a project that aspires to become a daily value in the life of every person.
Terracomunica is a multiplatform that faces the topic of sustainability by means of exhibitions, meetings, workshops and laboratories, experienced from people as moments of sharing and union between the excellence of the territory.

Terracomunica Festival 2019

I nostri workshop


“Every human being occupies, in the history, a determinated interval of space and time. This space, this “common gift”, is what identifies us and fixes our belonging to earth and its history. “Common gift”, nowdays more than never, earth is a common gift to all human beings, that communicates its own requirement. It is up to us to listen to them. We must know our earth to understand how to live it. We must have the consciousness of tradition, of knowing the values of our places, to become the transmittes of the history soaked in them. With this in mind, the Terracomunica association intends to restablish the contact with earth and the territories, giving value to their traditions and folklore to be in syntony with the culture we come from. Terracomunica organizes and supports events linked to the environmental substainhood, offering a point of view that could let consideration through various spheres of human knowing: art, photography, technology, business, play, design, architecture and food. Every new knowledge, every innovation, is based on the learning of the past, the protection of the place where we live. A nation progress involves rielaboration of the existing knowing and the respect of surrounding environment. Terracomunica restores the dialogue between people and territories and tries to transmit to man the consciousness of living in a land which is not meant to be used but to be discovered, to be lived and to be given back to posterity communicating the importance of cultural heritage preservation.”

Paolo Tosti
Ass.ne Terracomunica