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Allison Rufrano Photographer photo workshop




Small group tours and photography shoots, local experiences with the people, places, music and food of Umbria. Terracomunica organizes an international photography festival, meeting-point, entertainment out in the open to rediscover oneself and nature and more. A wealth of experiences for students, teachers, young and old, beginners and experts is what Umbria has to offer. From Gubbio to the beauties of the northern part of Umbria, photographers become conscious of their past, and let it permeate their pictures. The artists are able to open their hearts and minds and…eyes.

The towns and hills of Umbria will be the backdrop as participants interpret their subjects with renewed creativity, while developing an individual style and sensibility. Workshops with contemporary photographers become a unique and unforgettable experience: wheat and barley fields, farms and cottages; night walks for the city-streets of medieval villages. When the day is over we get together and discuss experiences. After dinner, students and teachers sit together and exchange confessions and dreams. It is a perfect opportunity to establish “sympathy” (from the greek Siun-pathos).

The workshop participants are able to open their hearts and minds and eyes through the images that express what they ate, drank, lived and smelled. They develop their own communicative style. Touch the bricks and stones of Gubbio and many other cities of Umbria you will feel the vibrations of the Middle Ages. Our past is talking to us. Listen and make a picture.

Terracomunica is a non-profit organization, that offers a combination of education and culture which aims to highlight the importance of sustainable development of territory and earth, encouraging us to pass on the knowledge that mankind is to step on land to live and not to use.



Participants are encouraged to have a digital camera and a means of sharing files. Students must be 18 years or older to participate and have the ability to climb hills and stairs while carrying their equipment.

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